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June 22, 2006


valet parking

great article.
Has anyone tried out the service?


You can create a business from a passion that you've always had. If you have some writing skills, there are countless opportunities available to you. The same thing goes for any experience that you may have. You can used that experience and knowledge to create your online home business. Having a job like this isn't really work, because you enjoy what you're doing.

Tyra Shortino

Valet parking attendants in bikinis and miniskirts are not a new idea. I'm sure many have heard about car wash attendants in the same outfit. I can just imagine the appreciative smile given by loyal patrons of the said establishments.

Laurence Modithre 

Yeah, it's a pretty common idea to use costumes - in this case, bikinis - to attract customers. It's an eye-candy: powerful cars and beautiful women. It can be very effective in creating happy and interested customers.

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